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Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel
Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel

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Cultism: Governor Emmanuel Proscribes Viking, Black Axe, Buccaneers, Pirates Others in Akwa Ibom



IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred on me by Section 70 of the Criminal Code Law, Cap. 38, Vol. 2, Laws of Akwa lbom State, 2000 and all other powers enabling me in that behalf, 1, MR. UDOM EMMANUEL, the Governor of Akwa lbom State of Nigeria do hereby make the following –


Proscription of cults, societies and groups. 1.

(1) The cults, societies and groups listed herein are hereby declared unlawful and forthwith proscribed in Akwa lbom
State –

(a) Vikings;
(b) Black Axe;
(d) Buccaneers;
(f)Luttox (Junior Black Axe);
(h) Dewell;
(j)Red Skins;
(m) Akwa Marines; and
(n)Utoto Groups (419);

(2) In addition to the cults, societies and groups listed under sub-paragraph (1) of this paragraph, the following cults, groups or societies in Secondary and Primary Schools in Akwa Ibom State are hereby declared illegal and forthwith proscribed

(a)the Luttox;
(b)Red Skins;
(c)St. Stephens;
(d) Dewell;
(e)Sept 11 Group;
(f)Secret Sons of Satan;
(g)King Cobra;
(h)J.V (Junior Vikings);
(k)Black Ladies;
(1)Black Cross;
(o)Sons of Nights;
(p)Blood Brotherhood;
(9)Junior Buccaneers;
(r)White Angels; and

(3) In furtherance to sub-paragraph (1) and (2) of this paragraph and in addition to the cults, societies and groups listed therein, the under listed cults, societies and groups whether outside or within tertiary institutions, secondary or primary schools are also hereby prohibited

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(a)Daughters of Queen Amina
(c)Leo Lion
(d)Neo Black Movement of Africa
(e)Temple of Eden
(f)Daughters of Jezebel
(h) Black Brazier
(j)Black Beret
(k)The Dragon
(l)Red devil
(m)Blood Suckers
(o) Black Eye
(q)Sons of Nights
(r)White Angels
(s)Yellow Ribbon
(u)Black Sword
(v)Supreme Dred Lock
(w)Black Heart
(x)Black Dagger
(y)White Brothers
(z)High Mafia
(aa) Street Mafia
(bb) Family Mafia
(cc) Supreme Red Skin
(dd) Italian Mafia
(ee) Separate Brothers Confraternity
(FF) Clansmen.

Activities consistent with cultism

2. NotWithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 of this any cult, society or group by whatsoever name whose activities are found to be consistent with the activities of a cult shall be Considered and treated as such under this Order.

3. The activities of all cult, society or group mentioned in paragraph 1 and 2 of this Order are hereby prohibited and defaulters shall be prosecuted in accordance with the Cultism, Offensive Weapons and Violent Behavior (Prohibition) Law, 2004, or any other enabling law in that regard.

Revocation. 4. The Cultism and Other Violent Behavior (Prohibition) Order, 2018 is hereby revoked.

Citation. 5. This Order may be cited as Cultism and other Violent Behavior (Prohibition) Order, 2020 and shall come into force on the 16th day of March 2020.

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Made under my hand at Uyo this 16th day of March 2020.

Akwa lbom State

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