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Father’s Day: Obaseki Hails Fathers, Assures of Policies For Decent Means of Livelihood

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has hailed fathers for their contribution to nation building and for going against all odds to provide for the needs of their families and working towards a better society for all.

The governor, who said this in commemoration of Father’s Day, marked on June 17, said that fathers and others who have come to play father-figures over time, have not let society down in keeping up with responsibilities in the family and deserve praise for how they have continued to meet up with expectations despite socio-economic encumbrances.

He said, “Today’s celebration presents an occasion to appreciate fathers for their diligence, love, care and unwavering commitment to providing for the needs of children and other members of the family and  working to ensure a cohesive society.

According to the governor, “Even in instances that demand fathers to take on menial jobs, they have shown resilience, strength, determination to ensure that the needs of their families are well provided for.”

Obaseki assured fathers that his administration will continue to pursue reforms that will provide decent means of livelihood to encourage them to play their roles even more effectively.

He noted that the state government is working round the clock to attract more investors as the continued influx of businesses into the state will ensure that fathers get opportunities to be engaged in decent means of livelihood and cater for their families.

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He said the state government will not fail to implement policies that will ensure that employers of labour provide conducive environment that will encourage fathers to play their roles effectively and explore opportunities to ensure that a healthy work-life balance is sustained.

Obaseki added that the state government will not relent in ensuring that fathers who are employees and retirees of the state get their due benefits promptly.

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