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Group Photograph of the Convener, Guest Speaker and Participants at the 2018 Anti-Corruption Education Youth Boot Camp

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Anti-Corruption Education Youth Boot Camp 2018: Integrity in Effective Leadership  

By Tioluwani Bamigboye,

The International Student day as celebrated at the American corner, CCHUB, Yaba, Lagos on the 22nd of November 2018, with Anti-Corruption Education organized for students and youths by the Students without Borders International (SWBI), led by Amb. Nwodi Daniel. The Students without Borders International (SWBI) is a non-governmental and nonpolitical organization aimed at advocating youth leadership and developmental skills was birthed, over a decade.

The event started with a talk about Life. The speaker made some points:

  • Do not excuse failure, on no account and no reason.
  • Be blind to be focused.
  • Trust when you have no reason to.
  • There is a point in life where if you keep falling it won’t matter.
  • The world is full of people who are very smart but they are holding themselves back.

The event successfully kicked off with a poem presented by a poet: Bamigboye TiOluwani, she gave an insightful explanation about her poem, with the conclusion; Stopping corruption starts from you.

Amb. Nwodi Daniel Chinedu, Executive Director, Students Without Borders International

Amb. Nwodi Daniel Chinedu, Executive Director, Students Without Borders International

Then the event went on with a talk on corruption by Amb. Nwodi Daniel. He took us through understanding the causes of corruption, its effects and solutions to corruption in Nigeria.

He explained the importance of model behaviors, attending public hearings and forming anti-corruption clubs in a bid to put a stop to corruption. We were taught that we can overcome corruption, and that the main reason for corruption persistence is because we do not look at the good stories of the country. The media should try to minimize the publication of bad news.

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The next talk was an impact-filed LinkedIn master class facilitated by Funmilola Kehinde. She is a LinkedIn Coach and CEO of ‘Careers with Funmi’.  She took the participants from the scratch on LinkedIn, to a point where they can use it to make money for themselves and have a good connection.

Miss. Funmilola Kehinde, CEO Careerwithfunmi Consulting

Miss. Funmilola Kehinde, CEO Careerwithfunmi Consulting

Amb. Nwodi Daniel took a lecture on entrepreneurship ‘Start Up 2 Stay Up’. The Start-Up section was also enlightening as Amb. Nwodi Daniel took us to understand that if we cannot be employed we cannot start up a business. He made some points about succeeding in a business;

  • Learn about your business
  • Explore your business
  • Expand your business
  • S.W.O.T – know your Strength, work on your Weakness, make use of Opportunities and follow your Trail.

The event finally came to an end with a very prominent question, “Is the problem of Nigerian youth unemployment?” Different answers came from attendees and came to a conclusion that, the problem of Nigerian youth is not unemployment but lack of persistence.

Glowing remarks was given by some of the participants after the training.

“Every minute spent was worth it and I thank the organizers and facilitators for investing of their time and for value added”- MAURICE ISONG

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