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Naja'atu Muhammad

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APC Solidarity Network Exposes Naja’atu Muhammad as Mole Working for PDP in Buhari Govt

The North East Solidarity Network of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has made a shocking disclosure on some persons believed to be moles working against the unity and interest of the country.

The group particularly called out Naja’atu Muhammad, a Commissioner at the Police Service Commission (PSC), whom it claimed had been working against the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

The APC group was reacting to a recent article entitled “All the President’s Men: On national (in)security” authored by Naja’atu where she claimed a few individuals were playing games with our future and putting our security institutions on a dangerous trajectory.

Reacting, however, the pro-APC said it has become evident that Naja’atu has been working silently for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, especially with her recent outbursts against the current government.

Ali Monguno, President of the group, while addressing a press conference in Abuja on Saturday, January 19, 2019 called on the leadership of the APC to expel Naja’atu from the party for alleged antiparty-activities.

Monguno noted that her activities and association in recent weeks clearly confirm that she is beyond redeeming where commitment to the cause of our party goes.

He said, “We have become aware of an inciting and derogatory opinion articles titled “All the President’s Men: On national (in)security” authored by one Naja’atu Muhammad, who we have now found out is a Commissioner of the Police Service Commission (PSC).

“There has been some degree of hesitation to respond to the inciting nature of the article, which has been widely publicised and syndicated by different media outlets. Our hesitation are based on the desire not to be seen as being sexist and intolerant of a woman holding public office or presuming that she cannot make meaningful contribution to national debates on account of her gender.

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“Party consideration is a factor that has bought Naja’atu Muhammad some sort of soft response on our part since it would not be healthy for the North East APC Solidarity Network to be seen as being unnecessarily critical of a member of the party.

“Another consideration that has tampered the rapidity of our response to Naja’atu Muhammad is the collective hysteria on the part of those we have found she is working for. Any perceived criticism of the shallowness of her thinking would immediately be put down as the intolerance of the ruling APC. Yet she has turned facts on its head to not only disparage the office of President Muhammadu Buhari, she went the extra length of maligning other appointees that have put more dedication and patriotism into carrying out their assignment than Naja’atu Muhammad can ever possess in her lifetime even if she lived to be a thousand years.

“We believe she must have contracted the writing of the article to someone else and never bothered to vet it before it was sent out for publication. Otherwise, there are glaring shortcomings that should not have emanated from someone that currently occupies the position of a commissioner of PSC. The piece credited to her is an admission of failure to which someone of an equivalent engagement in other countries would have resigned before making the points she attempted to make in the piece.

“By virtue of her position, the same points she raised in the article could have been better made and put in the form of a memo to Mr President. Her stance would then have been tenable as a concerned appointee and party member that wants the best for the country in addition to wanting the President to deliver on his promises to Nigerians.

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T”o attack the President as Naja’atu Muhammad did and in the media is an indication that something else was at play. It is no coincidence that what she is asking for directly replicates the demand of the opposition. The former Inspector General of Police, has retired and she has not done anything to reverse her position in acknowledgement of that. This confirms that she is in bed with the opposition that has been reported as being desperate to plant pliant officers at the helms of the military to facilitate the coup they are plotting for when they would have lost the election.

“We want to affirm that Naja’atu Muhammad must have been using her role in the Police Service Commission to sabotage the government’s efforts in providing improve security for the country. If she were patriotic as she said, her article should have listed what she has done as a member of the Commission to improve on security in Nigeria. But she could not mention one thing she has uniquely contributed towards the improvement of the Police.

“With the firebrand-critic image she cut for herself prior to her appointment, including rejecting a board membership that we have now found out was turned down for not being juicy, Naja’atu Muhammad could have done better. Nigerians had expected she should be able to provoke reforms at the PSC such that the police can resume the performance of some of its duties that are currently burdening our military. But she has proven that she is simply a Commissioner to draw salary and allowances while executing her primary task of being a mole for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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Now that is has been proven that her recent outbursts, in print and electronic media, that are being sponsored by the opposition to get the widest publicity possible are intended to rubbish the efforts being made by President Buhari’s administration, especially in its war against terrorism. She set out to achieve these through her inciting and derogatory campaign of calumny against the President and leader of our great party.

“We do not wish to join issues with Naja’atu Muhammad. We are, however, keen on protecting our party, the APC, from the activities of destruct moles like her. Incidentally, the doors are wide opened for her to walk into the PDP so that she will no longer have to put up pretences about where her loyalty lies. We know her heart is with those that have promised to make it rain naira and dollar so she is welcome to go join them with her umbrella to catch the promised windfall that will never come since the PDP has by now conceded defeat even though the elections are yet to hold.

“We used the opportunity of this press briefing to call on the national leadership of our great party to, as matter of urgency, expel Naja’atu Muhammad from the party for her obvious antiparty-activities. Her activities and association in recent weeks clearly confirm that she is beyond redeeming where commitment to the cause of our party goes. Her continued membership of the party is simply to allow her access to confidential information that she is passing to the PDP.”

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