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Activist Sheriff Mulade
Activist Sheriff Mulade

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Bad Leadership, Bane Of Development In Nigeria – Mulade

…Urges Electorates To Kick Out Bad Leaders With Their Votes.

A Niger Delta Peace and Environment rights advocate, Comrade Sheriff Mulade has blamed the under development of Nigeria particularly Niger Delta States to bad leadership, selfish interest displayed by those who crave to build political empire at the detriment of the electorate.

Speaking with news men in Abuja, the activist said; “It is worth of note that followers who seek compensation for being followers in form of money, contracts and a place in government have contributed to over 90% of leadership failure in Nigeria, unnecessary praise singing for cheap recognition have blinded the leaders of their responsibilities to the people”.

He noted that election is not every day activity hence each time it comes is an opportunity to vote right, kick out bad leaders, adding that opportunities does not always go round because the political elites in power are always recycling themselves using their privileged power of incumbency and resources at their disposal.

According to Comrade Mulade; “time has come for us to look beyond what we are used to and what we met on ground to what is right and just and fair for the promotion of good governance, participatory democracy. We cannot afford to mortgage our future again. 2019 general elections are the solution to liberate us. Therefore, Nigerians must not sell their rights, your vote is your key to a better Nigeria”.

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