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Obah Godday
Late Master Obah Godday Killed by Nigerian Military Personnel (Photo Source: Family)

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Family Of Slain Teenage Boy Killed By Military Personnel Cries  Out For Justice

The family of the 17 year old master Obah Godday who was allegedly murdered in cold blood in Olowojeje community in Ajeromi Local Government Area of Lagos State by officers of the Nigerian army, has cried out for justice to be served, urging the Chief of Army staff to bring the perpetrators of the gruesome murder of their son to book.

In a petition addressed to the Chief of Army Staff and copied to the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, Chairman, Senate Committee on Human Rights and his House of Representative counterparts,  Amnesty International amongst others, the family of the slain Obah Godday whose life was cut down by the bullets of rampaging military officers was asking the Chief of Army Staff to order immediate investigation of the extra-judicial killing of their innocent and unarmed son on the 27th day of May, 2020 at Olowojeje community of Ajeromi Local government area of lagos state.

The petition signed by Counsel to the family, Mr. Karo Rugbere reads “we are solicitors to Mr. Gabriel Obah, the father of late Master Obah Godday (hereinafter referred to as our client) and on whose firm instruction and authority we write you this petition” and has “Urgent call for the investigation of the gruesome and extra-judicial killing of master Obah Godday by the Nigerian Army acting on the behest of the sarikin Hausa of Olowojeje community in Ajeromi Local Government Area of Lagos State” as its heading.

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The petition stated that very recently, there was a dispute between the Hausas and the Yorubas residing in Ajeromi Local Government Area of Lagos State and that on the 27th day of May, 2020, the Sarinki Hausa relying on his link with the Nigerian Army, allegedly invited some military officers to the area with the intention to kill and maim.

It further explained that “for inexplicable reasons, the military officers who invaded the community started shooting sporadically and in the process killed master Obah Godday who was buying indomie noodle at the time of the unfortunate incident”. He was said to have been shot at close range by the army officers and was confirmed dead at Femi Hospital situated at 41 Bale Street, Olodi Apapa, Lagos State. A copy of the death certificate showing the cause of death was also attached to the petition.

“Sir, as soon as the Military officers made their point after wasting the life of Master Obah Godday who was just 17 years at the time and the lives of other helpless  persons, they zoomed off” the petitioner stated.

While lamenting the untimely and gruesome murder of their son, the family accused the Sarinki Hausa for being unperturbed asking for his immediate arrest to unveil the identities of the military officers who allegedly, extra-judicially murdered their 17 year old son.

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The family also sworn to pursue the case to its logical conclusion and will not rest on its oars until justice prevails on the matter.

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