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Foreign Entities Colluding with Opposition to Adopt Fictitious Election Result, DCN Raises Alarm

The Democratic Coalition of Nigeria (DCN) has raised the alarm over the alleged collusion with opposition parties to adopt fake result in the coming general elections.

The group claimed that the sinister move to cause problem in Nigeria has been taken to a new level with the planting of specially trained agents within the ranks of the opposition ahead of the polls.

Abraham A. Uke, National President of the group at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, February 14, 2019, warned the European Union and other international bodies against installing a proxy president in Nigeria.

He called on Nigerians to watch these interests carefully as many of them are not in the country for anything good but to destabilize the peace of the nation in order to actualize their age-long conspiracy of destroying the nation-State.

His speech below.

As you must have been aware, there has been outcry about the roles being played the foreign observers accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Specifically, the United Kingdom (UK) has been abusing this accreditation to foment trouble with a view to causing insurrection against the Federal Government.

The UK is being supported in this evil enterprise by the United States (US) and also backed up by the European Union (EU).

Some of these agents that have been planted in the opposition have handlers in the UK, US and EU high commission and embassies.

The chatters between the two sides have been picked up, analyzed and confirmed to be aimed at causing widespread crisis in Nigeria.

We now have intelligence of the boasts by some of these elements that the EU, US and UK are fully in support of their plan to install a non-democratically elected government in Nigeria.

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They assert that they are aware that what they are about to do amounts to treason but that they can never be held accountable for as long as they have the backing of the aforementioned countries.

Ordinarily, the Democratic Coalition of Nigeria would have ignored this intelligence as fluke or at best some sort of kite flying on the part of the opposition in order for it to test the response of the Nigerian state to their open coup plot.

But we are constrained to raise the alarm because some of the claims earlier made by certain pro-democracy groups and the Federal Government are already coming to pass:

The claim by the Federal Government that the opposition has commissioned Boko Haram terrorists, armed bandits in the northwest, mercenaries from neighboring countries and other forms of violence have been proven to be real in the last one week.

Nigeria has witnessed unprecedented escalation of violence from these parties just as the federal government feared.

Foreign observers that were accredited to witness the elections in line with global practice have become partisan and openly align with the opposition. In the last 14 days they have issued veiled threats, open threats, implied blackmail, direct blackmail and all manners of utterances that confirm their partiality against the Nigerian state. They have by their utterances implied that they will accept the elections only when the opposition wins.

The situation became suffocating to the point where the American ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, published a video that practically portrayed Nigeria as a colony of the US.

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Intelligence has further confirmed that the EU, US and UK have, through their proxies, flooded Nigeria with small arms for onward delivery for opposition members. The arms are meant for attacking law enforcement agents and any Nigerians that are in support of political parties other than the one they are supporting. In this case, the safety of those that support the incumbent government cannot be guaranteed.

This is certainly not the concept of democracy that Nigerians subscribed to and it is definitely not the type of democracy practiced in these interfering countries.

To cap it all, the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has formally written the aforementioned countries to come and take over the running of Nigeria’s affairs pending when they will install him as president, in utter violation of the Constitution of Nigeria, which provides that the country’s president shall only emerge through an election and not installed by foreign powers.

It must be stated that while Atiku Abubakar is a candidate in the election, he does not have the mandate to outsource decisions about Nigeria to his international puppet masters.

We had expected that the failure of foreign interventions like the failed Arab Spring or the western meddling that created instability in a place like Ukraine would have taught these countries that the people of a country should be left alone to chart their own course as opposed to desperately trying to impose rulers on them when they desire leaders. But it is obvious that neither the US, EU nor UK have learnt any lesson in how not to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

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The Democratic Coalition of Nigeria is alerting the world to note that the opposition with its foreign allies should be held responsible for any breach of peace arising from the conduct of the general elections in Nigeria. The United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union should be held liable and treated as occupation forces and collaborators of an opposition that has become militarized to overthrow the government.

However, let us also quickly warn that bringing this to the attention of the world does not imply that Nigeria or Nigerians are powerless or unable to defend their land. Let it be on record that Nigerians shall resist the imposition of a candidate by imperialists same way we are willing to shed the last of our blood to reject ongoing efforts to re-colonize Nigeria by countries like the United States, European Union and the United Kingdom that are trying to use the elections as an excuse to install a proxy as Nigeria’s president.

If these countries find Atiku Abubakar to be such a darling they are free to subjugate their own electoral process to make him their president or prime minister. To the extent that Nigerians are going to the polls to cast their votes the votes must be allowed to count and where they refuse to vote for Atiku such outcome must be respected.

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