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Buba Galadima
Buba Galadima

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Group Recommends Buba Galadima for Medical Check Over Comments on Nigerian Military

The Middle Belt Conscience Guard has recommended the spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation, Buba Galadima, for urgent medical attention.

According to the group, Galadima’s latest statements on the state of the nation call for urgent attention before it gets out of hand.

MBCG said the recent claim by Galadima that Operation Python Dance was launched “effectively to intimidate voters, to harass voters, to kill voters and write results for the APC” was totally false.

The group in a statement signed by its National President, Prince Raymond Enero, warned the PDP candidate in the last presidential, Atiku Abubakar to stop taking advantage of the old man.

The statement reads below.

The Middle Belt Conscience Guard has been following recent interventions by disappointed elder politician, Buba Galadima and has come the inevitable conclusion that the time has come for the loved ones of the old man to commit him for professional specialized care if only to save him from continuing to embarrass himself. We are also worried he is embarrassing his age and geo-political zone.

Our position is a difficult one that was adopted only after Galadima made a disgraceful accusation on a national television network to the effect that the military’s nationwide Operation Python Dance was held to rig the recently held general elections.

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Galadima claimed that Operation Python Dance was launched “effectively to intimidate voters, to harass voters, to kill voters and write results for the APC.”

The fact that Galadima bluffed about substantiating this fallacy before a law court has not done anything to relocate his claims from the realm of hallucinations into reality. Much as we sympathize with him, having been traumatized by supporting the defeated candidate of the PDP, we believe the logical thing would have been for him to reassess his situation and come to the realization that fraternizing with known treasury looters is not a desirable habit in one’s twilight.

It is most pathetic that the only strands of believability left for Galadima derive from his friendship with President Muhammadu Buhari, who he is now demonizing for a mess of pottage. Interestingly, Galadima’s family continues to enjoy President Buhari’s statesmanship as they occupy positions that their father grudges other Nigerians for aspiring to.

Even with these errant behaviors, our concern is for the well-being of this old man given the troubling signals emanating from him.  Prior to the election, he declared that he remained a member of the ruling APC, which implied that he was either scamming the PDP candidate, Atiku Abubakar, or he was genuinely muddled up and unable to understand his affiliations.

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Another indication that he may be mentally and emotionally traumatized was when he attempted treason by making a video in which he claimed election win on behalf of Atiku before he was invited to explain why he was usurping the Constitutional role of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The manner in which the PDP abandoned him to his fate after 18 hours should have been enough to stimulate him to the reality of his situation.

We assume that Galadima still has the luxury of lucid moments hence we advise him to desist from making claims that totally erase all doubts as to his mental state. This advice is in his own best interest because we envisage he might eventually make utterances or engage in acts for which diminished mental capacity will not suffice as defence.

Galadima should also note that Nigerians were happy and remain happy with the launch and performance of Operation Python Dance all over the country because they were confident the military would reduce the spreading criminality that had gone beyond the capacity of the police. It is interesting that it was later discovered that most of the terrorist acts and criminality that necessitated the operation were sponsored by Galadima’s newfound associates.

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Had Operation Python Dance not held, the PDP had concluded plans, at its Dubai strategy meeting, to cause widespread bloodbath that would prevent the General Elections from holding. Even if Galadima is depressed because this plan has been thwarted it does not justify lying on the scale he did except of course he wants to claim he was too overwhelmed to understand the import of what he was saying in the television studio.

We, therefore, urge Galadima to voluntarily commit himself to care failing which his family members should urgently do something before his situation degenerates further. They should notify media houses to confirm with the family before putting on life television or publishing his comments.

Meanwhile, we urge the PDP and Atiku to stop exploiting the situation of Galadima by sending him on errands that he would not have run had he not been emotionally traumatized. To continue using him on disgraceful errands like this is the basest form of exploitation of a vulnerable person and it is condemnable in every sense.

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