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Onnoghen: Benue Youths Rally Support for Buhari over Suspension of CJN

Some youths in Benue State, under the umbrella of Citizens Watch Initiative (CIWI) staged a rally in Makurdi, the state capital over the controversy trailing the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen.

The youth group described the criticisms greeting the ouster of Onnoghen as the CJN as needless and unfortunate.

Solomon Samenka, leader of the group while addressing the protesters, who were seen carrying placards while chanting solidarity songs in support of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government, frowned at the mission to destroy the country by a ‘monster political organization the PDP and the some extremely corrupt judges in the judiciary.”

According to Samenka, “Since the emergence of our Messiah President Muhammad Buhari, We have been held at ransom by this monster organization in connivance with their notorious partners in the judiciary as led and recently revealed by the Justice Walter Onoghen act, which is not only evil but sacrilegious to say the least.
“In the recent months that preceded the former CJN appointment, Judges have taken a lead in corrupt practices and yet , despite the policy direction of Mr president on corruption, the judiciary under Walter Onoghen has so proved to be uncooperative, unreliable and the most untrustworthy partner in the fight against corruption. Never in the nations history has things been this bad in the nations judiciary.

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“The collective blackmail of the president and Nigerians is not only political, but it is intended to derail Nigeria on the path of prosperity and ensure that the gains of a transparent government such as provided by the Buhari leadership does not yield.

“My dear comrades and friends, the challenges stare us in the face, as the PDP wishes to privatize our common wealth and in turn demonize our President. It is incumbent on us to find a common ground to reject and disgrace this monster political organization to safeguard the future of our nation.

“You will agree with me how judges and lawyers have soiled the their hands in the deep recesses of corruption everywhere they find themselves. They have found amongst themselves thieving allies, with special courts scattered around the cities of our country, dishing out black market judgments in favor of corrupt clients against our Federation.

“We have in this country, lawyers who have billions in cash and assets that their seven lives can not account for. They are used to mobilize bribes for themselves and to the Judges ,all these are prizes taken to desecrate the temple of justice, were justice is no longer sought but sold to the highest corrupt bidder.

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“It is therefore time to arise and poke their eyes , their nose and pinch their conscience using whatever extreme means possible and practicable.

“Henceforth, We will begin to mobilize for legislation that will legalize that their illegal assets be set ablaze like its done in South Africa , we are mindful of a Saraki and Dogara led National assembly and our warning goes to them too.

“We are not sworn enemies to prosperity on account of a thieving judiciary and a bankrupt bar supported by a monster political organization with a history of corruption.

“Of what connection is the suspension of PDP presidential campaign and the legitimate suspension of a thieving CJN?
Of what connection is the threat by lawyers to boycott court sessions and the suspension of a thieving CJN? Is a particular CJN indispensable? Even in the face of glaring infractions?

“Why are politicians of a particular party, the PDP so jittery, peeved and and angry about an otherwise normal presidential decision?
“What else could be a better indictment than the CJN acceptance of guilt and now the personal expression of PDP dissatisfaction over his suspension?

“If he was arraigned, as he ought to, but deliberately refused to, and he took the plea of guilt, as he did in his press statement, feigning mistake and ignorance, would he not have been convicted almost immediately? If the answer is in the affirmative;

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Would he have been mobilizing people from the prison walls to stage kangaroo protests in Abuja to disrupt the normal way of living for Nigerians?

“I urge you all to continue to keep your eyes peeled for the antics of this monster political and thieving elements at the bar and bench.”

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