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Amb Prince Victor Kirika of Ogoni Land
Amb Prince Victor Kirika


Shell Petroleum Development Company is a Criminal Venture – Prince Kirika

…Heads to ICC to demand 50% of $49bn Shell Loot From Ogoni Land.

…Says Ogoni Clean Up Exercise was a Scam to Campaign for Senator Magnus Abe.

By Joseph Ibata

A prince of Ogoni land and Peace Ambassador, Prince Victor Kirika has disclosed his plans to lay before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hague, Netherlands, series of evidence against Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of wreckless destruction of the entire Ogoni land, continuous looting of the resources of the people without recourse to the inhabitants and cases of fraudulent and criminal activities in Ogoni land including the raping of women and girls perpetuated by Nigerian Military affiliated with Shell operations.

The enraged prince who was visibly saddened by the alleged connivance of the Federal Government with Shell in an exclusive interview, revealed that before the death of Human Right Activist, Ken Saro Wiwa, SPDC has illegally moved $49 billion away from the shores of Nigeria at the detriment of the Ogoni people who were seen a captives.

In his words, “I want the whole world to know that Shell Petroleum Development Company has deceived the Ogoni people. They connived with the Federal Government, they have taken everything that the Ogoni people has and I want the whole world to know that before the death of Ken Saro Wiwa, Shell has looted $49bn out of Ogoni land. Shell connived with Abacha and killed Ogoni people. They rendered many of the Ogoni people homeless, they raped our women. So we can not sit down and watch this people go away with our money.”

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“The Ogoni people can never sit down again and watch strangers, foreigners come take everything that belongs to us. We shall fight and as a peace ambassador, we are not going to fight them in a violent manner, that is why we are filing a suit to the International Criminal Court demanding Shell to give us 50% of $49bn they have took from Ogoni land. Ogoni people wallow in abject poverty. Poverty is reigning in Ogoni land while our oil is going out everyday.” Prince Kirika echoed.

He sustained that, “When you come to Ogoni land, you will cry for the Ogoni people. 98% of Ogoni youths that are graduates, they survive from riding ‘Okada’ (motorcycle) and $49bn has been taken away from the region. Shell, they are criminals, they are fraudsters, they are killers. They should be prepared because we are meeting in court. I am not afraid of anybody, nobody can intimidate me. Not even the devil can intimidate me. I am not afraid of the Police either because even the Ogoni people in the Nigeria Police Force are suffering. Most of the Ogoni Police Officers who were sent to arrest me, cried and started supporting me.”

Ogoni Youths Protesting Against Resumption of Oil by Shell

Ogoni Youths Protesting Against Shell

“By the Grace of God, we are filing a suit at the ICC and we are going to achieve results before the end of January 2018 and we must fight for justice. I have every evidence concerning this and I have all the proofs that Ogoni people are suffering. That Shell looted our money and as I speak to you they are taking oil from Ogoni land. I know that Shell will find their own evidence because they would want to cover up because they are criminals. They should stop bribing Ogoni people.”

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Kirika further berated the Ogoni Clean Up exercise by the Federal Government and Shell stressing that if anybody says that there is a clean up in Ogoni land, let the person come out and show it to the World, revealing that the exercise was a campaign strategy by the APC Federal Government to win a senatorial election in Rivers State.

“We agree with the UNEC Report that Shell and Federal Government should commence a clean up in Ogoni land which they came, they flag off but we never knew that they were deceiving us. They deceived us because they want an APC candidate- Senator Magnus Abe to emerge as Senator. There is nothing like clean up in Ogoni land. They deceived us after that, Shell came  and started laying pipe. I went and stopped them with my boys, they threatened me with Police officers who shot at us but we are not threatened because they have stolen from us.”

Shell laying Pipes in Ogoni Land to resume Oil Exploration

Shell laying Pipes in Ogoni Land to resume Oil Exploration

“There is no clean up in Ogoni Land. The Federal Government are criminals, they should go to court and I will face them. They have deceived my people and we can never seat down and watch them take what belongs to us. I said they are criminals, they don’t have money to commence clean up but they have money to fight Boko Haram with One Billion dollars. They should commence a sincere clean up. We all know what clean up is all about. If you go to some foreign countries, like Dubai, Australia, Singapore you will see how clean up has been done, they are like Heaven. Go to Abuja you will see what I am saying. Abuja is like Heaven but where is the money coming from? They are budgeting money to the North East, where is the money coming from?

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“So I am telling the whole world that Ogoni people are suffering and I am begging Shell to peacefully pack their load out of Ogoni land because from January 1st, there will be protest in Ogoni land till they pack out. We do not want them because they are deceivers, they are killers. We are tired of dying. I am begging them to give us the money they have taken from our land, 50% of $49bn, they should commence full clean up in Ogoni land, they should build houses for the people they rendered homeless and for those people they raped, they will face justice.

Ogoni Land Protest Against Shell (3)

“Shell will organize a programme called ‘Shell Wire” to empower the Ogoni youths. They will train them and give them some tools and One Hundred Thousand Naira but when I got to Shell, what they are collecting on behalf of these boys is N3 million each, they will connive with politicians from the region and embezzle the money. This is wicked and am assuring them, come rain come shine, Shell will pack out of Ogoni land.”

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