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Dr Cairo Ojougboh
Dr Cairo Ojougboh


Ojougboh’s Approach To Human Development Through Robust, Effective Representation (Part 1)

By Gabriel Choba

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was established in 2000 under the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo but became operational in 2001.

The NDDC was established as a federal government interventionist agency to fast track the Socio-economic development in the Niger Delta region. The formation of the NDDC became necessary owing to the failure of OMPADEC.

Since the inception of the NDDC in 2001, it has succeeded in providing various infrastructures in the region such as roads, streetlights, classrooms, scholarship, jobs and others too numerous to mention.

Despite the efforts of the NDDC in bridging the infrastructural deficit of the Niger Delta region, there still exist lacuna that makes it seem like nothing has been achieved.

But this ugly trend has began to change with the inception of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the NDDC. While the current NDDC’s IMC is doing a great job in the provision of socio-economic infrastructure, more kudos should be given to the Acting Executive Director of Projects, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh popularly Known as ‘The New Face of NDDC’ for his outstanding performances in the Commission.

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh unlike some of his predecessors has shown that a lot can be achieved with prudent utilization of our scarce resources. Ojougboh has proven to be a workaholic and has ensured that all projects are completed at the stipulated time.

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Despite his effort in ensuring the development of the Niger Delta region, some enemies of progress have continued to apply the “Pull him down syndrome” so as to tarnish his image and that of the IMC but as usual, darkness will never triumph over light and Dr. Cairo Ojougboh has vowed to continue the good works which he started; and God willing, he will finish them…

The exceptional and extraordinary job of Dr. Cairo Ojougboh speaks volume of his appetite for development and humanity. He is therefore a man who has lived ahead of his time. It is truism that when a child performs very well, it is pertinent encomium be showered on him as good reward and incentive for his benevolence and dedication to service.

There is therefore no better way to reward this perfect gentleman, workaholic and a dedicated Public Servant than to pray to God to guide and Grant him more wisdom to carryout the tasking responsibility of developing and saving the Niger Delta from long aged Infrastructural rot and Relative Deprivation. It is there worthy to note that Dr. Ojougboh’s approach to to human development through robust and effective representation is second to none…

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