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Delta 2019: Charles Nwadiani, The Eagle Has Landed

By Joseph Ibata

The eagle is indeed the king of birds. With a powerful vision and staying power, it goes for what it set out to achieve. When the Eagle lands, the vultures and other birds of prey, take cover because the eagle puts an end to ruination and charts a good course for all.

In Delta State today, virtually every sector has been ground to an abrupt halt by the actions and inactions of successive administrations. Nothing seems to be working except the thieving hands of few political buccaneers. The hospitals are comatose while the public education system is lying prostate.

Public transportation has been concessioned or rather traded off to the governor’s friends while an embargo has been placed on employment in the Delta State Civil Service. The roads are not any better as they have fallen into serious disrepair and total abandonment. The Security situation in the state is almost non-existent. Indeed the list  of woes foisted on Deltans by the present government is endless and the big heart as we are known has become a big burden without a beat.

Upon all these failings, the current administration has sought to justify itself by the ego aria deception mantra. The administration in an escapist and irresponsible manner, alludes to the declining revenue from the federation account as an alibi. But Deltans cannot accept that as an excuse for the inadequacies and obvious failures of the present administration. Not anymore.

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In the midst of this so called recession, states less endowed as Delta are flourishing. Lagos, Edo, Anambra and a few others have been thriving and fulfilling its obligations to its citizens. The only reason for failure is the lack of vision and the dearth of transformational leadership.

That is where Charles Nwadiani comes in. Nwadiani, a notable son of Anioma is a man of vision and an embodiment of what Delta State needs at this period of cluelessness and maladministration by the current administration. Charles Nwadiani is the ideal leaders which Deltans always wanted. Detribalized and unassuming, Nwadiani is the idea whose time has come.

The track record of Nwadiani is  one of excellence and proven results. Nwadiani is a man of history who is a go-getter. He cut his political teeth in the early 2000s as an Assistant to Rauf Aregbesola then Lagos State Commissioner for Works. Nwadiani’s contribution to the success of Lagos state was outstanding and he was among the team that laid the foundation for the infrastructural and economic rennaisance and growth still being recorded.

Nwadiani also was instrumental to the extensive IGR drive of the Lagos state government such that same stands presently at over 22 billion Naira monthly. Coupled with politics, Nwadiani is also a thorough bred Lawyer and accomplished professional. With about 20 years work experience in the private sector, notably amongst which are Apple Crown Insurance, Legal Officer of the defunct Guardian Express Bank, CEO of CINEDAE NIG LTD and Executive Vice Chairman of MOSCHADEO Properties LTD, amongst other board memberships of several reputable organizations, Nwadiani has shown his capacity as a manager of men and resources.

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With Charles Nwadiani on the saddle, Delta State will surely work again for all Deltans. Never again will the state capital, once a thriving urban conurbation degenerate to the sorry state it now finds itself. Same goes for other towns in the state. Never again will government give excuses for failure. Nwadiani understands Deltans as he sees his destiny as intertwined with that of the state.  Nwadiani believes that Delta State is indeed endowed and that with the right leadership, Delta State will become a place of pride. The vision of Nwadiani as captured in his PASSED Manifesto (Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Social Economic Development) contains a blueprint for the restoration and advancement of Delta State.

It is for these and more that Deltans from Sapele to Kwale, Burutu to Ughelli, Agbor to Warri and Abraka to Asaba from the towns and villages welcome the decision of Nwadiani to vie for the office of the Governor of Delta State as a step in the right direction. Only the few benefiting from the corrupt status quo are afraid of Hurricane Nwadiani set to sweep through Delta State come 2019. Indeed, the Eagle Has Landed.

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