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SUMMIT NIGERIA is a Nigerian News Website established to publish Stories and Articles covering Politics, Business, Education, Technology, Health, Religion, Crime, Fashion, Entertainment, Interviews, Opinionated Articles, Community/Rural News and other human interest stories.

With its URL as, this News Website is designed to cater for all active online media users in Nigeria and across the shores of the Country.

Beside visiting our website, we also extend the reach of the information published on our platform to the various Social Networks.

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SUMMIT NIGERIA runs on these three creed.

Our Vision: To be a Reliable News Platform in Nigeria.

Our Mission: Publishing Factual News Stories, Investigative Reports and Diverse Opinions.

Our Motto: Light Of Truth (LOT)

In our bid to extend the frontiers of our success story as a news publishing outfit, we acquired THETRACK NIGERIA (, a thriving news network with nationwide reach in October 2018.

By the acquisition and takeover of THETRACKNG, we are poised to launch our culture of excellent and accurate journalism onto the national stage.

The consummation of this strategic takeover has now given birth to SUMMIT NIGERIA.

From it’s carefully chosen name, SUMMIT NIGERIA implies that it is the highest point, the peak, zenith and holy grail of journalism, beyond which, there is none else. This is the mandate we seek to discharge in truth and in courage.

SUMMIT NIGERIA publishes news stories via the website and as well, broadcast on social networks including on Facebook, Twitter etc.

We understand that as a flagship national news website, so much is expected of us and we shall uphold the finest ideals of top notch journalism.

While we are not unaware of the challenges that comes with growth, we are assured of your continued patronage of our media in terms of readership and advertisement.

It’s a new day. Visit

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